Annual Poster Artist Award

Taos, New Mexico has long been a mecca for artists. The visual impact of the light and color against the Northern New Mexico mountain range is stunning! The desire to forge works of beauty in this environment makes it a simmering pot for creativity.

Taos Fall Arts Festival Board sponsors an annual poster award exhibiting the environs and spirit of Northern New Mexico. The many diverse images submitted represent visual artists who paint in every medium, photographers, sculptors and ceramicists. Breathtaking realism and abstract expression capture the spirit of this beautiful place. From these images, usually between 50-75 works, the committee goes through a rigorous process of selecting the Poster Artist. This year it was an even tie between two talented artists.

Most years, the Taos Fall Arts Festival holds a competition for the festival poster. Taos County artists or artists represented by Taos County Galleries may enter. The selected poster artist receives a cash award, a designated display wall at the Taos Fall Arts Festival, marketing and advertising on TFAF print materials, newspaper articles and radio interviews, as well as an invitation to speak at Pecha Kucha. A Poster Un-veiling event is held to announce the poster and honor the artist.

Posters can be purchased on the TFAF website, at the Fall Arts Festival or at the Taos Visitors Center.

Leigh Gusterson 2023 Poster Artist Winner

Leigh is a beloved Taos local whose art represents the quintessential Taos look and feel.

Congratulations, Leigh!

We are very excited to announce this year’s Poster Artist winner, Leigh Gusterson, and share the 49th Annual Taos Fall Arts Festival Poster image, sponsored by Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico! We are so grateful for their support. Leigh is a beloved Taos local whose art represents the quintessential Taos look and feel, with her signature touch of vibrancy, charm and color!

Heritage Trust has been collecting posters from the Taos Fall Arts Festival since the first year that the event started the Poster Award! They have the complete collection hanging at their Taos Office…almost 50 years worth of TFAF posters!! We are so happy to be partnering with them. They are a natural fit with the annual poster award and a company that truly cares about their clients and our community.

Peggy Trigg and Suzanne Wiggin

2022 Poster Awards

"The Underbrush of Fall" by Peggy Trigg

The Underbrush of Fall by Peggy Trigg –
Harvest by Suzanne Wiggin –

"Harvest" by Suzanne Wiggin

Jonathan Warm Day Coming

2020/2021 Poster Award

"A Place of Stories" by Jonathan Warm Day Coming

A Place of Stories by Jonathan Warm Day Coming

In recognition and celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the return of Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo and the 50 year anniversary of Earth Day, the 2020 TFAF Poster will be awarded to an invited artist from Taos Pueblo based on the theme Return to the Land, Water, Sky / Regreso a la Tierra, Agua, Cielo”.

Artist photo by Norlynne Coar

Jonathan Warm Day Coming

Sasha vom Dorp

2019 Poster Award

"15.15 Hz Sunlight 04.01.2018 09:16:17.003 36º24’22”N 105º34’31”W"
by Sasha vom Dorp

15.15 Hz Sunlight 04.01.2018 09:16:17.003 36º24’22”N 105º34’31”W by Sasha vom Dorp

The title describes the exact moment up to the 1000th of a second in time and space as well as the frequency and light that created it, recording light moving through sound stimulated water in a moment of time. He creates this work with a machine he built that allows him to see sound, a visual representation of the seemingly intangible in an ever changing universe. In his images vom Dorp, the alchemist, captures moments in time and space, glimpses never to be repeated. (Artist photo by Norlynne Coar)

Sasha vom Dorp

David Vedoe

2018 Poster Award

"Harvest Dancer" by David Vedoe

Harvest Dancer, David Vedoe

David Vedoe in his studio (Photo by Norlynne Coar)

Ed Sandoval

2017 Poster Award

"The Colors of Northern New Mexico" by Ed Sandoval

Tara Muskrat

2016 Poster Award

"The Day We Met" by Tara Muskrat

2015 Poster Award

2014 Poster Award

Jim Wagner

2013 Poster Award

"Sheets and Pillowcases" by Jim Wagner