Taos Fall Arts Festival 2024

Friday, September 27th - Sunday, October 6th

50 years of Taos Fall Arts; celebration and exhibition

TFA Festival News

Opening night
Friday September 27th 4pm-7pm

Gallery hours
Saturday Sept. 28th - Sunday Oct. 6th

UNM Bataan Hall, Civic Plaza Drive, Taos, NM

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Coronado Hall and Don Fernando Hall, 120 Civic Plaza Drive, Taos, NM

Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards Winners 2023

2023 Poster Artist Award

Leigh is a beloved Taos local whose art represents the quintessential Taos look and feel.

2023 Charles R. Strong Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award

Renate is an intuitive and a healer who retired from a long career as a counselor, lecturer and workshop leader.

2023 Visionary Artist Award

Other News...

Our Opening Day/Night will be an official stop on the Big Barn Dance Art Walk on September 6th from 3pm-6pm.
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Taos Fall Arts Festival is a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting Taos County Artists (ranging from internationally known to never before been shown) and honoring and showcasing the variety of art forms and diversity of cultures, ages and traditions.

Our Festival is a coming together in one place, of community in celebration of each other, our differences and similarities, as what makes Taos so unique and special.

Donations of all forms are graciously accepted. To make a tax deductible donation or to become a TFAF sponsor please visit our Sponsor/Donate page, or contact Lisa Harris, TFAF Board President and Executive Director at Taosfallartsfestival@gmail.com