Couse-Sharp Heritage Awards

Couse-Sharp Historic Site

Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards

Couse-Sharp Historic Site sponsors four new awards

  • Hispano Artist – Traditional – $500
  • Hispano Artist – Contemporary – $500
  • Indigenous Artist – Traditional – $500
  • Indigenous Artist – Contemporary – $500


2023 Couse Sharp Heritage Awards:
There will be four $500 Awards; Sponsored by Couse Sharp Historic Site that will be chosen during the Festival. Eligible artists must be of of Hispano or Indigenous descent and are encouraged to participate! (please indicate at time of entry).

Gustavo Victor Goler 2023 Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards Winner

Hispano Contemporary
Saint Cecilia

Gustavo Victor Goler began carving original Santos in high school as a hobby, creating a few pieces a year that he would give to family and friends. In 1986, he opened up a small conservation studio in Santa Fe, NM where he specialized in the conservation of Santos.

Andrew Garcia 2023 Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards Winner

Hispano Traditional
New Mexico Sunburst Credenza

Maria Samora 2023 Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards Winner

Indigenous Contemporary

Maria Samora’s work finds form and distinction in its simplicity and clean elegance. Known for designs that accentuate the body, capture the movement of the human form, and ultimately amplify the life of the wearer, Samora Studio has a strong and dedicated following.

Jonathan Warm Day 2023 Couse-Sharp Heritage Artist Awards Winner

Indigenous Traditional
Red Willow Serenaders

In my work, I hope to help preserve a record of the traditional life of our people and to educate those who know little of us, desiring that increased knowledge and understanding will help all of us to live better with one another and with the natural world.

Jonathan Warm Day Coming

2022 Couse-Sharp Heritage Awards

The Taos Fall Arts Festival congratulates
E.I. Couse in his studio at work on San Juan Pottery, 1911. Couse first came to Taos in 1902, at the suggestion of Ernest Blumenschein.
  • Andrew Garcia Hispanic Traditional
  • John Samora Indigenous Traditional
  • Maria Samora Indigenous Contemporary
  • Bernadette Pino Hispanic Contemporary
  • Carla Anglada Honorable Mention
  • Robert Gonzalez Indigenous Contemporary Honorable Mention


Details on the Couse-Sharp Heritage Awards page